The air suspension of trucks.

By | September 8, 2016

Air suspension is called a kind of suspension, which provides the ability to modify the vehicle ride height by means of elasticity of pneumatic elements. This type of suspension has gained immense popularity among luxury car and truck through a series of preferential weighty facts such as comfort, the ability to maintain a constant ground clearance and high safety performance.

The air suspension of trucks

Air suspension is not a separate class of vehicle suspensions, because it is based on the already known types of suspensions and is tend to complete with them.

Nowadays there are three types of air suspension, namely, single-circuit, dual circuit and four-circuit suspension.

The air suspension has its advantages: the absence of noise, because the elastic member are a pressurized air, but not mechanical component; the ability to automatically adjust of the stiffness of individual racks (only original equipment of adaptive suspension) and the height of the clearance; fairly good indicator of ride comfort and cons: the elastic members in cases of failure to replace the main subject.