Off-road tires for the crossover A fad or an affordable off-road

By | August 22, 2016

We all like to watch videos, where the well-trained full SUVs overcome the obstacles that first seem impassable. Grinding the mud mess with the wide tires, the cars steadily move forward and reach the places, where the owners of other cars even can’t drive.

Off-road tires for the crossover

You can put the tires of “all-terrain” class on your car. The main weakness of SUV off-road is the “urban” rubber, intended for the driving on the pavement. If you try to use such rubber off-road, the tread pattern will be soon filled with mud, and the rubber will lose its adhesive properties. If you start to gain momentum and put your foot down stronger, the car will probably dig itself, and you won’t be able to get out on your own.

Using the off-road tires, you’ll probably drive much further and longer, as its adhesive properties on the soft soil are much higher. Therefore, using the off-road tires on SUVs, you can expect some sort of off-road joyriding. However, you must not forget that your car is still far away from the real full SUV . Therefore, going to conquer the steppe, take a friend that can take you out in case.