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2007 Honda Accord LX Review

Happy Friday morning to you here where it’s sunny side Honda Accord LX, who just wanted to show you another special vehicle that I just got a great condition. Hide their core 2007 I’m just here to show you the condition of the vehicle so if you look at this critical thinking about stopping and… Read More »

2016 Hyundai Sonata – 5 Reasons to Buy

It is always been a tough fight to be at the top in the mid size sedan segment however – the Hyundai Sonata, has been in the ring since 1988 here by reasons why the Hyundai Sonata keeps getting better year after year. Generous cabin space. Inside you might be fairly surprised at how much… Read More »

Led light bulbs car

Today we’re gonna be reviewing and installing these LED tail light bulbs from my LED Dakar fears of the packaging looks like he does ship from China so it’s not a retail package everything is in Chinese if open up here to get the only devote. It is a 7443. T. 20 style wedge bold.… Read More »

Assistant of diagnostician from MAHA.

MAHA Company has launched equipment for service stations, new touchscreen FTS 2016, which will be part of the diagnostic line Eurosystem and is used for remote control operation of the stands and the line appliances. Previously, all the necessary diagnostic data were entered in the Eurosystem software via the computer keyboard. Now the master is… Read More »

The air suspension of trucks.

Air suspension is called a kind of suspension, which provides the ability to modify the vehicle ride height by means of elasticity of pneumatic elements. This type of suspension has gained immense popularity among luxury car and truck through a series of preferential weighty facts such as comfort, the ability to maintain a constant ground… Read More »

Auto parts for BMW

Almost all owners of BMW cars are faced with the problem of the acquisition of high-quality auto parts. This is because the vehicles of this brand have an incredible popularity among car owners all over the world, and this is the cause of a huge number of negligent sellers willing to sell low-quality goods. Despite… Read More »

The right film is necessary for the tinting of car

The right film is necessary for the tinting of car Despite the seeming simplicity, qualitative tinting of car is a process that requires professional approach, special conditions (clean room with no traces of dust) and, most importantly, qualitative film, shall be adhesively bonded to the car windows . Actually, there is no such question as… Read More »

What is the difference of original and alternative spare parts for the foreign cars

What is the difference of original and alternative spare parts for the foreign cars Original spare parts for cars is parts and assemblies, exactly copying those ones that are installed on the car on the assembly line of the plant. These spares are fully suitable to vehicle; their quality and service life are guaranteed by… Read More »