2007 Honda Accord LX Review

By | February 24, 2017

Happy Friday morning to you here where it’s sunny side Honda Accord LX, who just wanted to show you another special vehicle that I just got a great condition. Hide their core 2007 I’m just here to show you the condition of the vehicle so if you look at this critical thinking about stopping and taking a look for your good distance away from us like a lot of our customers arm and want to see before you purchase this car what condition is that really one of the dealer that picks up our photos use a bunch of fancy leading. Show you how it is for this car all in all we take a look around it’s in great condition dings and dents on the car. I don’t see any dings or dents there’s a couple small scratches and when I mean small might try to zoom in out of over here, I was a little scuff mark rate there. Kind of a little bit.

2007 Honda Accord LX

I don’t know what that is on the on the recorder that that’s something that might come off their little scratch your on the rear bumper not talk in my I mean very very minor for a 2007 if you’re scoring us on a scale of one to 10 you gotta give this car night the wheels are in very good condition tires have got a lot of tread left on him. The interior of it is a non smoker will get to that in just a moment a pop the hood for you could take a look at the engine compartment I when I came going to go to a full in depth detail. And the hood here there’s a little bit of servers for a study which is common in these kind of course is that it is an Honda Accord LX model a 2.4 liter with 96000 miles on it we get sent the car the car does have keyless remote yet power windows power locks. Power mirrors. Manual height adjuster on the seat in everything work some open the back doors here Florida back. We get to the back look at the condition of the rear seats.

salon 2007 Honda Accord LX

It is in fantastic condition the carpets are clean I citizen non smokers vehicle there’s no smell inside the car there’s no rips or tears in any of the door panels prompted a popular that truck for you say how much we have back there. Sorry for bouncing around here I do care about the students had many is my normal cameras out of commission today are plenty room in a truck if you look in the truck uses no water damage everything is in great working order. Look around the site here you get dressed warming on these doors. Then inside the car you got. No more commodities you’ve got to see where this one is equipped with an automatic transmission. The city everything is in fantastic shape. 96555 miles on the car comes equipped with cruise control the air conditioning does blow ice cold on. So you under the engine compartment said it’s a national dish on the showcase these tires here one more time this show yeah. Yeah could we also got good tires on the car Sony for 9995 cars and excellent value at that place. It is like this it’s a 2.4 liter high tech motor. Then she compartment. Really playing. Where to repair. So come check us out here where the 0 east Broad Street in Elyria Ohio go over its side Honda. Additional information of 2007 Honda Accord LX headlights, see at http://rentaldelight.com/honda-accord/headlights.html.